Innovative Procedures

The Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine is at the leading edge of minimally invasive spine surgery. Benefits include smaller scar, shorter hospital stay and quicker recovery.



There are a number of non-surgical options for treating your back pain, and our doctors will typically assess these possiblities first. The majority of spine problems are managed without surgery. Comprehensive rehabilitation coupled with pain management can play an important role in your treatment program. Rest and special back exercises may help relieve your pain, or a combination of physical therapy and medication may be necessary to create relief and restore functionality.

Physical Therapy Medication Braces Acupuncture

Minimally Invasive

Minimally-invasive surgical techniques have become effective in treating spine conditions and disorders in addition to being known primarily as excellent alternatives to knee and hip surgery. Severely herniated discs and kyphosis, which almost always called for major surgery, can now be treated with techniques that require minimal incisions. These methods have a high success rate while reducing the risk of damage to other nearby parts of the spine. This dynamic promotes shorter recovery times, reduces pain, and allows for a quicker return to normalcy.

Endoscopic Decompression Kyphoplasty Microdisectomy